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Top of 15 richest players

The table below shows the first 15 best players of Pontes GameZone.
The table below shows the amounts held by players in their virtual bank accounts.

Position Name Bankruptcies Total amount Last date
1 Cristi bankruptcies $1083964798 2016-05-25
2 Mazlik bankruptcies $1003182500 2016-12-08
3 Growl bankruptcies $1000000050 2017-01-03
4 Mazlik bankruptcies $555064000 2017-01-29
5 Fetytza bankruptcies $512386074 2017-07-13
6 Nguy?n Qu?c B?o bankruptcies $215449552 2023-06-12
7 Taz bankruptcies $195678711 2017-12-29
8 Aston bankruptcies $186103463 2017-09-13
9 Bill Clinton bankruptcies $184993788 2016-05-24
10 Lionel Ramos bankruptcies $183380434 2016-04-20
11 Eliezer Castillo bankruptcies $176827074 2016-09-28
12 Yumi GC Y bankruptcies $136788641 2016-06-11
13 toai bankruptcies $111100065 2018-02-12
14 Thong bankruptcies $102013678 2019-07-11
15 Nguy?n Quang C??ng bankruptcies $94619570 2019-06-15

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Pontes GameZone is a casino simulator with many games like: Blackjack, Five Cards Draw Poker, Card War, Who is Greater, Connect Four etc.

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